Challenger TR139 Waterproof Hard Case

Code: TR139+FOAM

L: 569mm | W: 425mm | H: 215mm

L: 505mm | W: 355mm | H: 140mm

Lid: 55mm | Base | 145mm



Carry Handle


  • Internal: 505 x 425 x 215 mm
  • External: 569 x 425 x 215 mm


124 in stock

124 in stock


Challenger TR139 Waterproof Hard Case

This Waterproof Tool Case is heavy duty to give your tools the ultimate protection. The tool case is lightweight and comes with a hand held handle mounted on to the case to allow easy transportation.

Useful Information:

  • Compact waterproof tool carry case
  • Water resistant seal around the lid
  • Heavy duty
  • Hand Handle
  • Waterproof case


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