Waterproof Equipment Hard Carry Flight Case Photography Watertight Tool Box

Code: TR5017
Length Width Height
Internal 355 mm 160 mm 300 mm
External 420 mm 220 mm 340 mm
  • Internal: 355 x 160 x 300 mm
  • External: 420 x 220 x 340 mm


150 in stock

150 in stock


This high strength, injection moulded waterproof case had a pressure equalisation valve and two heavy duty latches to ensure the ultimate protection. This ensures waterproof protection, ideal for tools, music equipment, photography equipment, cameras, drones and other fragile items, on the road or in storage.

This lightweight, yet durable and strong case will withstand knocks, bumps and drops with extra internal protection provided from the foam interior. This case has 3 layers of pick and pluck foam, allowing you to pick out cavities for you equipment and an egg-box layer of foam in the case lid to help hold your equipment securely in place.

  • Ultra high strength and moulded plastic
  • Three layers of pick and pluck foam
  • Egg-box foam layer in lid
  • Pressure equilization valve


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