Defender KA 64 Series Aluminium Trunks 750 x 550 x 580mm

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Defender KA 64 Series

The Defender KA64 is a strong, robust and impact proof box It’s perfect for your heavy duty industrial requirements. Whatever you need to protect and wherever it’s going the KA64 aluminium case is ready for the task. The construction makes these boxes ideal for transportation of valuable loads, sensitive equipment and fragile components. Aluminium is unaffected by extreme cold or heat, is antimagnetic and rustproof. The cases are made of high quality aluminium with strong base/lid extrusions and solid cast stackable aluminium corner pieces. The box offers an excellent quality at a very competitive price. The Defender range can provide you with the best and most economical solution. Note: at the height of the base profile, the interior dimensions are 25mm smaller all around than given at the interior dimensions.


  • Stackable aluminium box (also with various other brands)
  • Strong and durable lightweight construction. Assembled with pop rivets
  • Solid handles; able to carry 50kg weight per handle
  • Two nylon lid straps
  • Latches ready for padlock or cylinder lock
  • Unaffected by extreme cold or heat. Antimagnetic and rustproof
  • Available in other box dimensions


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